Summer Club

Summer Club

Our Summer Club gives members an ideal opportunity to continue their photography as a group over the summer when the club closes for the holiday season.


Please check details on our Facebook page.

Please be aware that there may be a cost involved if travelling any distance from Wishaw.


£3.50 per person fuel cost, payable to driver.
Special events may also have an additional entry cost.


1. Money to pay driver.

2. Tripod, camera, memory cards and any accessories you require.

3. Proper shoes, rainwear, warm clothing.

4. Mobile phone. Please ensure someone has your contact number!

5. Be back to your transport at the arranged time.

6. Enjoy the evening and ask for help if required.

If the weather is wet on the evening still come along as we will have arranged an alternative venue.

Our Summer Club outings encourage our members to get out and about with their cameras as well as develop their photography skills by participating in group events and learning from each other.

Day or evening trips will generally be arranged for a Wednesday, although weekend trips may also be occasionally considered. Club members are advised to check for regular updates on our members only Facebook page.