Alba Competition Rules

Competition Secretary

Alba Club Competition Rules:

Up to a total of 4 images may be entered in each club competition, the exception being the Club Annual Competition which only allows 2 entries in each of the 'Digital' and 'Print' sections.

In order to allow time for the judge's critique the maximum number of images in any one competition shall not exceed 80, however it will be at their discretion as to whether or not they will accept judging more than this. If 80 images is their limit then members submitting more images than others will have their last image removed from the competition to allow time for this. This also applies to prints.

Competition entries must be accompanied with a clearly filled in competition form and handed in to the Competition Secretary a minimum of 3 weeks before the competition date. Competition dates and hand-in dates are shown opposite.

For continuity of marking on the evening of a competition, two members will be asked to mark the scores on a score sheet provided.

Digital Images
Digital images should be saved in sRGB colour space and JPG format.
Images should not exceed 1400 x 1050 pixels. (max. 1400px horizontally, max. 1050px vertically)
If either the horizontal or vertical dimension exceeds the limit specified then you should resize the appropriate dimension to the maximum size allowed. The remaining side should then fall within the image limits.

Images which are not sized correctly will be forwarded to the judge as they are, so please check your image size carefully before submitting.

Digital image file names should be saved with the following structure:

Title-Membership No-League Status-Display Order

Red Car-1517-League 1-Digital 1.jpg

The display order can be Digital 1, 2, 3 or 4, with image ending 'Digital 1' being shown first and image ending 'Digital 4' being shown last.

If you are a beginner in League 2 then add (B) to the end of your file name.

1517-Red Car-League 2-Digital 1 (B).jpg

Please remember to save digital files in the 'JPG' format.

Prints can be of any size or format but must be mounted in a 500x400mm mount. The aperture within the mount however may be of any size.

Although mount boards can be of any colour which would compliment the print, it is advisable to use white or off-white mounting boards.

When submitting prints, the Title, Membership No., League Status and Display Order (Print 1, 2, 3 or 4) must be written on the reverse of the mount in the top left corner.

eg. Eagle Owl-1517-League 1-Print 1

and if you are a beginner in League 2 then add (B) to the end of your file name.

eg. Eagle Owl-1517-League 2-Print 1 (B)

Failure to comply with any of these requests may mean that you will not be able to participate in the competition.

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