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'You Make A Photograph' by Billy Currie

On Wednesday 8th November Alba members were treated with a visit from photographer Billy Currie.  Billy is an IT specialist and award winning photographer from Stirling who has achieved world wide acclaim for his photography. He has been very successful in national competitions and has featured in many magazines, producing work for National Geographic, MTV, The Times newspaper, BBC and many others.  He currently has 650 images licensed and sold by Getty Images.

Billy inspired members with his presentation "You make a photograph".   He started of showing the features and controls of the camera, using manual settings, focus, exposure and the histogram.  He also showed members how to develop their technique in using the optimal settings on the camera instilling a number of best practices to ensure that they would consistently produce images of the highest technical quality in any conditions.

Billy then went on to show how to 'make' your photo using post processing in Photoshop and Lightroom, showing some of his work and how he transformed it from a flat image to a stunning image by simple means.

Alba members would like to thank Billy for his inspirational presentation.