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Camera Club Of The Year Competition


Is our club ready for a challenge?

Bernadette would like to enter our club in the Camera Club Of The Year 2016-2017. competition.

To be victorious, our club has to overcome two challenges. The first is to qualify for the final by coming on top of the pile in one of the five monthly rounds. The final itself is going to be a very special day's photoshoot, the details of which will be released simultaneously to the five finalists. However, it has been revealed that the final will be a unique event that will offer a tremendous creative challenge and a never-to-be-forgotten experience for the finalists.

The rules are a club can only enter one set of five images from five different members each round. Failure to enter five shots will mean the missing shots score zero points, so it is crucial to enter the full number of images. Images must be in JPEG format and be at least 1500 pixels on the longest dimension and be in the sRGB colour space.

After the closing date each picture is scored out of 20 points and the highest scoring club each month will qualify for the final. There is no monthly prize apart from qualifying for the final shoot-out and once a club has qualified for the final it need not enter again. Of course we could still do it for the challenge and the pictures will still be scored - but it's not a league system so there is no additional gain.

The first theme is PORTRAITS and the closing date is 8 January 2017, so get that copy of Portrait Pro (see Bernadettes's previous post on our facebook page) if you want to be one step ahead.

Please send your portrait images to Bernadette McDonald by email to: